About Beo Solutions

Skills, knowledge and expertise not readily available elsewhere.

About BEO Solutions

Beo Solutions is Ireland’s (North and South) leading employee relations consultancy helping clients address employee relationships, often at the highest level, to achieve operational excellence. We work with some of the largest, smallest and most progressive organisations in government, financial and other services, education, manufacturing and retail who all require confidentiality surrounding the interpersonal difficulties they are experiencing.

Our Team

Bernadette Treanor
CEO, Investigator, Mediator, Employee Relations Consultant

Bernadette, CEO,  has 30 years Management & Employee Relations experience. As a former Equality Officer with the Equality Tribunal (now incorporated into the Workplace Relations Commission) Bernadette has developed robust procedures to ensure the application of best practice in investigations and is a Practitioner Mediator. On behalf of Beo Solutions she collaborates with a number of other individuals and organisations in the investigation and Employee Engagement fields.

Olivia Hande
Head of Investigations
Olivia, Head of Investigations, is an experienced workplace investigator who is also equipped to handle all disciplinary matters and employee relations generally.  She also advises on equality issues arising in the workplace, writes regular updates on relevant case law and is currently training part-time at the King's Inns.
Siobhan O’Donoghue-Olofsson
Senior Consultant

Siobhan O’Donoghue-Olofsson Organisational Psychologist, brings her special skills which, when combined with the Dignity at Work expertise Bernadette and Olivia have, permit us to address major employee engagement issues creating new success stories for organisations.

Client Testiomonials

Clients coming to us apart from those seeking training are experiencing difficult employee relations. Our clients, many of whom come to us by referral, rely on our integrity and confidentiality and therefore it is our policy not to publish client information identifying them as having had employee relations difficulties. We seek feedback from clients, to ensure we learn from each and every project, but they are secure in the knowledge they will not be identified.

Both the parties involved and ourselves in HR were very happy with the mediation process. Both parties felt they had been heard and for us the result is that two very senior executives are working together effectively and for the better of the business.

An International Financial Institution,
HR & Employee Relations

Bernadette’s prompt investigation was conducted with sensitivity and total confidentiality within the store. Her report brought a clarity of thought to the situation that I have not previously seen in such documents and it meant our way forward was clear.

A Retail Department Store Chain,
Head of Group HR

The customised training we received in conducting workplace investigations was superb. Bernadette worked with us to ensure that the aspects various members of our team wanted to focus on were covered while still ensuring coherence for all other attendees. After the training we in HR are entirely confident that the managers are now investigation-ready. For ourselves, we are also informed in terms of managing the processes.

An International Telecoms Organisation,
Win-win! HR, UK and Ireland

Bernadette had our full attention from the start with her [anonymous] descriptions of real cases. It meant that we had actual situations in mind when considering the definitions of bullying and harassment. The group-work applying the definitions to those situations was remarkable in clarifying things.

A Government Department,
A participant in Contact Person Training

We had a very difficult employee who took up almost 40% of HR time! She had a disability and relations between herself and the other staff in her store broke down to the point where they refused to provide the assistance they had previously given her. At the same time as this reasonable accommodation issue he lodged a number of grievances about his conditions and complaints of bullying against others. We were anxious to be fair to the employee and avoid creating equality issues as much as possible. The help desk support we received was wonderful since each time we received yet another email the hole we were looking at got bigger. We didn’t have the expertise to handle it but Beo’s helpdesk guided us through each step.

Large Service Provider,
Head of HR

Our Philosophy

Professional and personal integrity come first

In presenting a prospective client with our qualifications for undertaking an assignment we will at all times be consistent with professional standards.

We will only accept assignments that we are qualified to undertake and will assign to a client’s work only personnel who are qualified to give effective services.

We will regard all information acquired regarding a client’s business during the course of an assignment as strictly confidential.

We will try to make our work produce permanent benefits for the client. To this end we will, where relevant, supply the client’s employees with knowledge of the principles applied to techniques used, so that they may effectively administer improvements after an assignment is complete

We will maintain a strictly objective and unbiased attitude in exercising our professional responsibilities.


Our financial arrangements with clients will be confined to fees and rates agreed on before the assignment is accepted.

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