The comfort and reassurance of skilled and experienced expertise in unfamiliar situations. Guidance with how to begin and manage an investigation in-house, how to manage an employee with a disability, and support throughout disciplinary procedures.

Help Desk

This service is indespensible to any organisation whose HR function identifies a gap requiring support in respect of employee relations or where independent support is required.

One client, with a relatively large HR function, has recently completed the training of 12 investigators and has signed up for help desk support so that the investigators have a contact point that is independent of HR. The client sees this as a very valuable support for investigators that removes the possibility of any allegations of interference in the investigations by HR. (See UK Case Ramphal v Department of Transport)

Another client has a small HR function for a workforce of 500 employees distributed nationwide. Recently three seemingly disenfranchised but unrelated employees individually raised various issues with HR that incorporated grievances and complaints against colleagues wrapped up in issues of disability. The client recognised that these individuals required specialized management particularly in relation to the potential equality (disability) issues. The expertise was not available in-house to extricate the various issues that were contained in the lengthy and (in the case of one employee) often incoherent complaints. It was noted that these employees were taking up over 75% of HR time.

The client signed up for our helpline and were able to secure assistance at short notice on the grievance processes, investigation processes and disability/sick-leave issues that were ongoing with these employees each time a new issue arose. Guidance was provided in respect of whether processes can proceed given the latest sick certificates received with assistances on how to respond to the very lengthy, often rambling sometimes almost incoherent emails. In addition, support was provided in respect of what action is necessary in each individual case to ensure compliance with Humphries v Westwood Fitness case.

On average the client used three hours per month with only occasional spikes when managers unfamiliar with such processes needed independent guidance.