1.1 Fact-finding investigations

Fact finding investigation soften arise where an employer becomes aware of information that could be suggestive of wrong-doing on the part of an employee. Rather than jump to conclusions best practice requires an investigation to establish facts upon which the employer cam base further action including disciplinary action where appropriate. The results of fact-finding investigations can also be useful in assessing practice and procedures being implemented in the business.

In one such instance an employer became aware of assistance being provided by an employee in the form of professional expertise and services to other businesses in circumstances where those other businesses were not listed as clients. Beo solutions was tasked with a number of specific questions to establish whether the employee was, in fact, providing the assistance to each of the named businesses and if so was this undertaken on official time and on official technology and hardware.

A full download of all of the employee’s emails was provided along with a forensic report in respect of the employee’s email activity.

Beo Solutions undertook the investigation and provided the employer with the responses to the questions asked in a detailed and precise report with the additional benefit of the information being presented in tabular form

The report presented the information in a way that enabled easy interpretation and provided clarity on whether further disciplinary action to be taken by the employer.

On receipt of the report the employer was in a position to clearly identify whether disciplinary action was appropriate without further delay.

Dignity at Work Investigations

1.2 Bullying Allegations

Investigations into bullying allegations are undertaken in accordance with the employer’s policy document as this is what the employee is entitled to rely upon. Where an employer does not have an appropriate policy then our investigations are based on the Codes of Practice.

We recently undertook an investigation into allegations by a member of the clients Senior Management Team against another member of the team and against the CEO. As nobody in the organisation could undertake the investigation in accordance with best practice, and without being seen as having a potential bias in favour of the CEO, it was considered appropriate to outsource the investigation to Beo Solutions.

The Chairman, on receipt of the report, was fully informed as to each incident complained of, whether it occurred, was capable of constituting the behaviour complained of, whether it was upheld and if the behaviour was repeated. On receipt of the report the next steps were clear to the employer.

1.1.2 Allegations of sexual harassment

Beo Solutions was asked to undertake an investigation into very sensitive and quite serious allegations of sexual harassment which allegedly occurred during the Christmas Party and which was causing considerable disruption to operations for the employer. Bernadette’s extensive expertise in this area as a result of her experience in the Equality Tribunal was hugely useful in this case.

The investigation was handled with appropriate haste and sensitivity while ensuring the rights of parties at all times. The resulting succinct but reasoned report provided clarity for the employer who was in a position to deal with a very difficult situation promptly.

Where any particular difficulties arise for you in respect of an investigation please let us know at the outset so that we can work together to ensure the matter is progressed appropriately and fairly.