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Integrated System and Individual Perspectives ISIP™ at work. Changing the way organisations act.


Bernadette Treanor

MSc, Professional Diploma Employment Law

Former Equality Officer and Employee Relations Practitioner. Bernadette has developed robust processes & procedures for all Dignity & Respect situations in the workplace. She is a member of CIPD, ELAI and MII.


Siobhán O’Donoghue-Olofsson

CPsychol. AFBPsS

Chartered Organisational and Registered Coaching Psychologist. Siobhán employs a collaborative approach to enhancing performance and engagement for sustainable cultural change.

ISIP™ at work

Our clients present challenging and unsustainable situations which, on occasion, have persisted for a number of years. They describe the breakdown of dignity and respect in the workplace as well as breakdowns in interaction and relationships between staff and between staff and management.  How do these problems within organisations develop and fester? Usually there are a number of factors involved. These may include weak leadership, slow restorative action, organisational inertia or apathy, power issues, communication blocks, a lack of rigorous processes and procedures or a lack of understanding of same across the organisation. Naturally these challenges left unchecked can impact negatively on the overall performance of the organisation. Talking the talk of performance management processes in such environments where the culture has deteriorated in the extreme amounts to a waste of company and individual resources.

…before we can even consider the idea of performance management or its pros and cons we need to have a conversation about people engagement

So before we can even consider the idea of performance management or its pros and cons we need to have a conversation about people engagement. What engages people? What makes them want to be part of an organisation, to perform and interact constructively with their colleagues? What gives meaning and dignity to that piece of the day that is the working environment? Obviously, we are all different in this regard. But one thing is sure. Those in leadership or managerial roles need to have developed and mastered a specific skillset to deal with the variety and diversity of workers and challenges in the workplace along with having the support of organisational process and strategy behind them.  Indeed the seriousness of manager capability was brought home in a recent Labour Court recommendation where a failure of a line manager to recognise that behaviours of two workers could amount to sexual harassment of a third worker resulted in the employer not being entitled to avail of the statutory defence.

Beo Solutions began its success story by providing an entire suite of services in respect of grievances, complaints and disciplinary matters.  Currently, the highest demand is for workplace investigations and disciplinary hearings. The most common reasons for investigations include dignity at work (bullying, harassment/sexual harassment), whistleblower (Protected Disclosures), disciplinary and fact-finding. In situations where the skillset is not available in-house or where those involved are very senior (CEO level) with the resulting concerns about bias, our services are in great demand in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Beo Solutions reports are hailed as in-depth and reasoned with clear findings on all issues combined with an adherence to best practice.

The majority of its referrals come from lawyers who are aware of the skillset it has in-house and Bernadette Treanor’s years in the Equality Tribunal are invaluable in contributing to its impartiality.  Beo Solutions keep its clients up to date with regular reviews of relevant cases from the WRC (and previously the EAT and Equality Tribunal) and the Labour Court, available on the website. Because of its expertise in the conduct of investigations and disciplinary hearings Beo Solutions training events (some places are still available before the summer) are in high demand, particularly our dedicated in-house training.

…clients are now moving on from a fire-fighting approach to their challenges in the workplace and are seeking broader support in creating a different organisational story

Beo Solutions has found that clients are now moving on from a fire-fighting approach to their challenges in the workplace and are seeking broader support in creating a different organisational story; a story in which respect and dignity in the workplace is core to sustainable, collaborative and cultural change. This is to bring with it improved relationships and communications between staff and management and between staff members themselves and an eradication, in so far as that is ever possible, of the need for formal complaints and investigations.

To facilitate this need, Beo Solutions offers a fully integrated consultancy to our clients which aligns with the core objectives of positive culture and engagement. This service includes information gathering and insight generation, intervention design and implementation as well as ongoing evaluation and support. We bring an impartial perspective, objectivity and insight to clients’ thinking using evidence based approaches for optimal outcomes. We bring a positive realism to each specific situation. Our aim is to work closely with individual organisations in creating a work environment where cultural change with respect and dignity at its core can not only occur, but be embedded and sustained thereby establishing a healthy, functioning, collaborative workforce which optimally contributes to the performance and engagement of the entire organisation.

Using ISIP (Integrated System and Individual Perspectives), Siobhan O’Donoghue-Olofsson CPsychol. Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Registered Coaching Psychologist and Bernadette Treanor, MSc, former Equality Officer, Employee Relations expert and Practitioner Mediator, integrate their expert capacity to lead in the provision of this innovative service which collaboratively engages with clients’ challenges in the areas of cultural change, organisational development and employee relations. Confidentiality and discretion are central to our client relationships.

Beo Solutions is in a major growth phase at present and still delivering excellence to our clients in our core Irish market.  It is also an exciting phase because we are increasing our presence in the UK market.