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Workplace Investigations

At Beo Consultancy, we specialise in workplace investigations. We provide a professional service that we believe is unmatched in the Irish market. Our senior team has a combined experience of 50 years, and is comprised of two former Equality Officer/Adjudication Officers and a former practising Barrister. We pride ourselves on the robust approach we take in addressing some of Ireland’s most complex internal employment issues. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all investigations we conduct strictly adhere to the principles of fair procedures and natural justice, ensuring that, no matter the outcome, the process is above reproach.

What are workplace investigations?

At their simplest, workplace investigations are a means of determining what exactly has happened within an employment. Such investigations are routine in Ireland and can be conducted by an internal or external person. We offer external investigation services which provide an independent and impartial alternative for employers and employees alike.

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Why do employers conduct them?

Investigations are the fairest way of reaching a conclusion that can be actioned. An employer might utilise an investigation to sort the wood for the trees in interpersonal disputes or an employee might seek a grievance investigation to resolve a dispute about pay or working conditions. Other examples include protected disclosers (whistleblowing), fact-finding disciplinary investigations etc. 

Why should an employer choose Beo?

We believe we deliver the most precise, the most robust (and crucially) the fairest investigations and reports in the Irish market. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and take a legal approach to all our processes (as opposed to a HR standard), and we stay abreast of all relevant legal updates as they happen. We handle procedural challenges in investigations with ease and provide expert evidence in third party fora when required. We are the experts. 

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