Independent and impartial workplace investigations throughout Ireland, North and  South, and now seamlessly offered remotely, in accordance with best practice.

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We help clients address employee  relationships, often at the highest  level, to achieve operational  excellence.

Creative Working

We are proud to have obtained a  stellar reputation of  independence and impartiality.  Our processes abide by fair  procedures, natural justice and  best practice.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Prompt and project-managed  investigations handled with  appropriate rapidity and resulting  in reasoned decisions


Our disciplinary and appeal hearings  ensure fair procedures are applied and our reports are "front  loaded" to support a client in defending the processes applied


We facilitate and mediate  workplace negotiations and  disputes, restoring key working  relationships, even where they  appear permanently fractured,  enabling a return to performance  excellence.


Training manager to recognise situations as  they develop, your in-house  investigators to follow best practice and awareness training for all staff  ensures operational performance is the best it can be.

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