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Beo Consultancy Limited is Ireland's leading investigations firm, north and south. We are experts in internal workplace processes, with a combined experience of 50 years in the area. Our investigators are highly-qualified, having  previous experience as WRC Adjudicators, Equality Officers in the Department of Justice, or as legal practitioners in Ireland.


We offer a broad range of internal workplace services, including workplace investigations into matters such as bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, protected disclosures, grievance and disciplinary issues and trust-in-care issues. We also offer mediation services, and high-level training.  

We help clients address employee  relationships, often at the highest  level, to achieve operational  excellence.

Creative Working

We are proud of our reputation for robust reports, which are independent and impartial.  Our processes always adhere to the highest standards of fair procedures and natural justice.

Women Colleagues
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