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Beo's bakers dozen - Top Tips for Conducting Workplace Investigations

  1. Start with the end in mind – i.e. the product, not the result!

  2. Terms of Reference should always be in place

  3. Analysis and Preparation – Use PEACE Model

  4. Know what you are investigating, that is, what question you have to answer

  5. Know the limits of your powers. What gives you the authority to do what you are doing?

  6. Methodology – keep a record of correspondence and steps taken

  7. Identify the information you need (Gap Analysis) at each stage, and prepare the questions to get it. Think about how you might manage ‘no comment’ interviews

  8. Manage Records of Interview and other evidence, and control the flow of data. Ensure you’re clear on who should get what information

  9. Schedule your investigation time realistically – NB back office work

  10. Share all substantive information – information should be put to the parties before it can be used to ground a decision or finding

  11. Create an Investigator’s pack for each interview

  12. Use unambiguous correspondence, and always set deadlines

  13. Be consistent with procedures – NB different investigators/investigations/parties

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